Bart Andrzejewski | Creative Director, Brand & Web Designer

Creative Director,
Brand & Web Designer
from Poland

available for work on interesting projects

If you really want to hear me, call at 0 77 32291 888
If you like spying on, have a gander at my Behance & LinkedIn


I design and refine things

I specialise in creating websites, branding (including naming) and DTP, with particular emphasis on business cards, brand books etc. Today more often I’m responsible for a final effect of a given project, rather than for a look of a single element, but I still love designing.
So far I have collaborated, among others, with:

Out of conceptual tasks, I love all kinds of research, UX and everything that will enable my “internal psychologist” to step outside, for example to improve conversion or sale through a given channel. I also carry out UX audits, to which we may make an arrangement through Calendly.


Selected projects

These are a few projects carried out by me. Here you will find both my graphic designs and several implementations (e.g. WordPress). Presently I shoot for focusing more on designing and UX, so have it in mind.
If you want to view logotypes, which I have designed so far, just click here. But it will be best to download my CV, so that you have a broader look on what I can do and how.


What am I doing right now?

I’m a creative manager at mini digital studio – Smuw Studio, of which I’m a founder/owner (whatever you want to call it), additionally I design websites and graphics for web purposes (it also happens that I do an animation or a scratch video) in Follow Vision.
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    Follow Vision
  5. What's next?
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Let's talk business

You have decided that it’s worth employing me or creating something interesting with me?
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Website created in several hours with the use of Elementor for WordPress.
In the meantime a decent portfolio is created from scratch.
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Allegro – Web Design (concept)

Allegro Web Design – Bartosz Andrzejewski

DOMODI – Animations (conceptual)